Italian Gold

Gold lovers in search of fine jewelry, you can’t go wrong with Italian gold. Italy has long been known for some of the finest quality gold, high-quality, classic designs. Jewelry from Italy is considered among the best, and has been sought by people all over the world for centuries.

From beautiful gold classics, to fierce and fabulous gold trends from the runway, this is excellent quality jewelry.

Valenza, a small city in the Region of Piedmont, actually boasts the highest number of artisan gold and jewelry businesses in the country, as well as a solid high-quality artisan tradition and significant advancement in the way of technical, stylistic and material innovation. The elevated level of design locally, fervent production, a fair and expo known on a global scale, and training academies and institutes of study rooted in the surrounding territory and tradition make Valenza a privileged destination for tourists, the curious and apasionados seeking out this different and rather particular thread of Made in Italy.                (

VICENZA, Italy — Vicenza is quaintly medieval at its center, a dense jumble of old butter-toned dwellings along narrow byways that occasionally give way to some of the Renaissance’s most elegant architecture, but these structures mask an industrial might that has made this small city Italy’s most productive capital of jewelry.  (


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