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Jewelry Engraving

San Francisco Bay Area - Orinda, CA

At Morrison’s Jewelers, we’re proud to keep the art of hand and machine jewelry engraving alive. These techniques offer a way to make every piece of jewelry uniquely meaningful, transforming it from a simple accessory to a personalized keepsake.

Our hand engraving is an expression of traditional craftsmanship, while our machine engraving uses modern technology to create precise and intricate designs. Both methods can inscribe a name, a special date, or a personal symbol onto your piece, enhancing its sentimental value.

Our dedicated team is ready to help you make the perfect choice for your personalization. Whether you’re commemorating a special moment, expressing your love, or creating a unique gift, we’re here to help you tell your story through our engraving services. Let us help you craft a memory that will last forever.

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