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10 Romantic Traditions around the World (that aren't Valentines Day)

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10 Romantic Traditions around the World (that aren’t Valentine’s Day)


We, Americans, choose Valentine’s Day as our “love holiday” but all around the globe there are traditions and celebrations with centuries of history behind them. Wouldn’t it be a cool idea to mix it up this year and embrace a “love holiday” with an international flair?

While Valentine’s Day is now celebrated in many countries around the world, the holiday isn’t the only, or even the oldest, devoted to a day of love. From China to Romania, here are 10 traditions that have nothing to do with St. Valentine.

1.China: Qixi Festival

2.Hong Kong: Lantern Festival

3.Romania: Dragobete

4.Slovenia: St. Gregory’s Day

5.Saint Jordi’s Day, Spain

6.Wales: St. Dwynwen’s Day

7.Brazil: Dia dos Namorados

8.South Korea: White Day

9.Israel: Tu B’Av

10.Finland: Friend’s Day

So pick a day, any day. You can’t go wrong with a “love holiday”.


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