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Valentine's Day Proposal


Ten ideas for a Valentine’s Day Proposal!

Be Sweet

Count Down – to the day with love inspired gifts every day

Say It In Snow

Shower Them With Love – Buy a box of little Valentine cards like the ones you sheepishly handed around in third grade, and write one reason why you love your sweetie or a favorite shared memory on each one.

Turn Out the Lights

Say It With Flowers

Sing a Song – Write a love song ending with your proposal

Charm Her – Make her a charm bracelet filled with charms that represent wonderful memories and turning points in your relationship. Or, buy only hearts and inscribe each. The last one could be a miniature locket that opens to say, “Marry Me.”

Wax Poetic – What could be more romantic than a sonnet or poem dedicated to your beloved?

Get a Lift – Hop a two-seater ski lift and propose as you sail over snow-capped trees and a winter wonderland as far as the eye can see. Plan the weekend with friends and have them ride in the seat in front of you so they can snap pictures along the way. (

A Valentine’s Day proposal is so special, every little girls dream.  To make it an UNFORGETTABLE Valentine’s Day proposal, don’t forget the ring!





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